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Our Favorite Travel Blogs (in 2020)

We’re not going to lie, we’re not the only travel blog on the internet. We know. Shocking. There are thousands of travel blogs out there. From points blogs like The College Points to adventure blogs, there’s a travel blog for just about every niche. For every niche, some travel blogs are better than others. The College Points team combed the internet to find the best travel blogs. Here’s our favorite travel blogs updated for 2020.

How A Blog Made It On This List

The College Points team has been blogging for years. Even before many of us could travel alone, we were online reading travel-related content from our favorite bloggers. That being said, we’re pretty well-versed with what travel blogs routinely put out the best content. Here’s how we decided what blogs made our list:

Credibility: each blog had to be credible. This meant that each blog not only had to consistency put out accurate content but content that was created by writers that have a background in the content on which they write or experience in their field.

Accuracy: if there’s one thing that matters in today’s world it is accuracy. Accuracy isn’t just knowing how to write out the name of an airline or aircraft. It’s also about consistently putting out factual content.

Transparency: this is something that’s especially close to The College Points. With a rise in the number of influencers and bloggers, transparency has certainly taken a hit in recent years. For a blog to be considered for our list, it had to be transparent. This meant being honest with its readers as to how it generates revenue and consistently including affiliate disclosures.

Unique: a lot of blogs seem to put out more of the same. Points and miles blogs especially, seem to put out identical content. For a blog to make this list, it had to have some sort of unique angle or fresh perspective on the topics it covers.

Dedication: anyone can create a travel blog and slap together a few posts. We only included blogs that are known for content created by dedicated and motivated writers and bloggers.

Our Favorite Travel Blogs:

Airline Geeks

There’s not another site on the web that’s like Airline Geeks. Airline Geeks is a website that was founded by passionate aviation geeks. Today, the site’s team consists entirely of writers that are passionate about aviation and the airline industry. Airline Geeks consistently puts out unique content focusing on the air transportation industry.

Airline Geeks Blog


This site’s tagline “Travel Tips from Travel Pros,” is pretty on-par with their content. CBoardingGroup features a variety of content with posts that focus on topics like loyalty programs and topics like destination travel. Both those who read travel blogs and those who write for travel blogs should check out CBoardingGroup for travel tips and tips on how to create a better travel blog.

CBoarding Group Top Travel Blog

God Save The Points

    Authentic and often quite blunt, Gilbert of God Save The Points is one of the most unique travel bloggers around. Gilbert’s God Save The Points focuses on frequent flyer programs, travel deals, and travel tips. Gilbert is probably most well-known for his “Catch Me If You Can” upgrade giveaway in which readers of his blog can track him down to score a free upgrade. However, that’s just a small part of what makes God Save The Points one of the most unique travel blogs out there.

    God Save The Points Travel Blog

    HK Travel Blog

    There are only a few travel blogs that focus on the Asia/Pacific market. With a team full of experienced travelers that are familiar with the region, HK Travel Blog is the ideal resource for travelers through the Asian continent. HK Travel Blog features content related to frequent flyer programs and general travel tips and guides.

    HK Travel Blog Top Travel Blog

    No Mas Coach

    If you’re not familiar with these guys, you should be. No Mas Coach which of course, translates into No More Coach, works to educate its readers on how to get more out of their travels without breaking the bank. With unique content that’s updated regularly, No Mas Coach is one of the best travel hacking blogs on the web.

    No Mas Coach Travel Blog

    Nomadic Matt

    One of the few travel blogs on this list that focuses on travel not entirely related to frequent flyer programs, Nomadic Matt is a great source for travelers looking to take the road less traveled and get started with traveling the world. Matt is a New York Times best selling author who’s helped thousands travel the world. If you’re looking for travel tips outside of the world of frequent flyer programs, Nomadic Matt is a great place to start.

    Nomadic Matt Top Travel Blog

    Points From The Pacific

    Zac George is a passionate avgeek who loves to travel. If you don’t know this by now, that hits pretty close to home here at The College Points. However, Zac’s travels are quite unique. As someone who enjoys the finer things in life, Zac’s Points from The Pacific focuses on luxury travel. Readers will also find a variety of tips, tricks, and guides on how to use points and miles to travel like Zac.

    Points From The Pacific Best Travel Blog

    Simple Flying

    Another aviation-focused blog, Simple Flying is a credible and reliable source for all things aviation and travel. Founded in Summer 2018, this website has grown exponentially in the past few years to become a popular source for all things aviation. With a dedicated team putting out content regularly, Simple Flying is a great source for avgeeks and airline nerds.

    Simple Flying Top Travel Blog


    One or BoardingArea’s most recent projects, TravelUpdate is a multi-author blog that features content from a number of authors. Each author offers a fresh and unique perspective on topics ranging from points and miles to traveling with family. With no shortage of unique content, TravelUpdate is a great resource for any traveler.

    TravelUpdate Best Travel Blog

    The Bottom Line:

    Hopefully we’re doing our best to put out the best content of any points and miles blog. However, we’re not perfect nor can we cover every facet of loyalty programs and college travel. That’s where the blogs listed above come into play. If you’re unable to resonate with our content or can’t find the answers for which you’re looking, be sure to check out the blogs listed above.

    Do you have a blog that you think should be on this list? Let us know in the comments below or via email at We’ll be sure to take a look and consider it for our list of the best travel blogs.

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