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CLEAR Airport Security
For one day only, flights between the United States and London are available from just $81 one-way on major airlines. These $81 fares are exclusively available to students when booking through Student Universe. Fares are available on select dates in December 2019, January 2020, and February. To access $81 fares, you must sign-up for Student Universe using your student email address and use the promo code “SPOOKY” at checkout. Round-trip fares are also available. However, to score the best round-trip fares, you’ll want to book your flight to London using Student Universe and using a tool like Google Flights for your return journey. Additionally, flights between the US and Madrid are available for just $204 round-trip with today’s promo. Here are the details.
Student Universe is currently running a promotion that allows student members to book flights for up to $50 off. To get $50 off, you’ll need to book a flight between the US and Australia/New Zealand. However, flights between the US and Europe are also available for $20 off. Discounted fares are available when you use the promo code “SPOOKY” at checkout. This promotion is available today only. Additionally, to access exclusive fares, you’ll need to create a free Student Universe account. With a Student Universe account, students under the age of 27 will be able to access fares between the US and London for just $81 one-way. Here are a few examples of what you can book with this promo:

Sample itineraries



New York to London – $86 O/W with Promo Code




Los Angeles to London – $86 O/W with Promo Code


Newark to Madrid – $204 R/T With Promo Code

Other US cities are included in the promo. Cities served by Virgin Atlantic appear to feature the best available deals. Additionally, to book a round-trip flight, use Google Flights and search for one-way flights between London or Madrid and your preferred arrival city. One-way flights on low-cost carrier Norwegian Air are available from $165. This means that a round-trip itinerary between New York City and London is available for just $224. To clarify, to access itineraries for $224 round-trip, you’ll need to book the departure and arrival segments as two separate one-way flights.

As a point of comparison, non-student fares are currently available from $1,200+ one-way or $340+ round-trip with major airlines like Virgin Atlantic, Delta, and United. That being said, this current promo is fantastic for students looking for a cheap winter getaway. Plus, if you’re headed abroad next semester, these one-way fares make relocating to Europe extremely inexpensive. You’ll want to move fast as these fares are only available for one day only.

You can access Student Universe via this link. From that page, you can book your flight and sign-up or access your Student Universe account. As previously mentioned, make sure you use the promo code SPOOKY at checkout to save up to $50 on one-way and round-trip flights.

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